Medical scooter for leg: the comparison of rental knee scooters vs used and new.

Medical scooter for leg: The comparison of rental knee scooter vs used and new.

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You got injuries in your leg and you don’t want to get uncomfortable crutches. Then, you come with a decision between renting a knee walker and buying used or new for your own.

You get some confusion and cannot make it.

Then, you may come in the right place.

In this post, we are going to discuss the good and bad of these buying options and hope that you can find out which options are the best for you.

Rental knee scooter

highly advanced models with affordable prices

This optional purchasing that can make you save 2/3 amount money for buying a new knee scooter if you need it less than a month.

The only problem is that: are you actually know how long do you need it?

Your doctor may say it can take less than 3 weeks for healing completely your wounds; sometimes it can take longer than you can anticipate.

However, if you are so sure about this then a rental knee scooter should be the best choice.

In this buying option, you can get a highly advanced model, which you cannot afford. This is really great due to the great experience that you can get from these models. These models can be highly compact, lightweight or easy to use in a small place like a kitchen, bathroom, etc… With a shorter period, the cheaper price that you spend on this medical scooter.

Besides, if you really love these advanced knee scooters, you can extend rental period or make a full purchase for it. This is really great, just like you see a movie trailer and then you can decide to continue to see it until its end or not.

However, if you refer to use a knee scooter more than 2 months, then you should buy it because the cost of renting a knee scooter per month is equal to 1/3 price of a new one.

Used knee scooter

The cheapest knee scooter option

Kneerover steerable knee scooterA used knee scooter is another option that can be the cheapest, which properly helps you save 25 – 50% of the cost for a new knee scooter.

However, this option should not the best in case you do not have experience in checking the quality of this medical scooter. Because used knee scooter usually not come with a warranty.

That means if your luck is not good, you may struggle with your knee scooter in your healing period. It’s can be uncomfortable and affect directly to your healing process.

In that case, this scooter can cost you more than what you want to save.

Used knee scooters should be the best when you can make sure that you can trust the source of the unit or you are able to check its quality. Many of used knee scooter is really good with the cheapest price but you have to check to be sure.

New knee scooter

The best value option

For the new knee scooter, you may think this should be the most expensive if you just need it for a short period time. Actually, it is not completely true.

First, this is a medical device. In some cases, your insurance will cover all or a part of the cost of this medical scooter. So if you check your health insurance, maybe it can cost you nothing.

Second, some of the rental knee scooters cost you as much as a full new knee scooter for just 1 month, because most of their knee scooters are a luxury with advanced features. There are other knee scooters which are comfortable and extremely easy to maneuver with an affordable price. In our website, we name these as the best knee scooter.

If you don’t really need a high advanced knee scooter for your healing period, you may want to check our reviews of best knee scooters. These scooters provide the best experience in the level of comfort and easy to maneuvering, which confirms by the rating of over thousand customers. I believe that if you really need a knee scooter for your own. These models will satisfy your desire.

Best investment, best return

Buying a branch new knee scooter is not the cheaper option but the best value choice. there are a few reasons:

First, you don’t have to rush your time to heal. There is no worry to return back your unit until you can be completely able to walk by your own, which can cost you more with a rental knee scooter.

You can choose the best knee scooter for your own. There are different models that are sold at the same prices, then you can choose what you want to own rather the limited choices of rental or used units.

Besides, the entire new knee scooter comes with a warranty, some are a lifetime. So if there is any problem with your unit, it can be solved immediately.

Moreover, your investment can get a great return with resale options.

You can sell on the online website, loan to your family or friends, or even donate it to church for anyone who really needs it.

In overall, buying a new scooter can help have the best healing period with the peace of mind. In our conclusion, it should be the best value buying option for healing period.

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