Quizzes for Your own knee scooter

Quizzes for Your own knee scooter


No one wants to get in injury in foot or leg. But if you got it, you had to deal with it. In your healing period, the mobility should be your own problems. You cannot put any weight on your leg and have to stay away from any chance to get reinjures. That means you need to give up the most exciting activities like hiking, skiing, or other sports in a while. But you can still move around without putting any weight on your leg by a knee scooter walker. If you decide to do so, then you have to have the permission from your doctor, and here are the quizzes you should ask when coming to see him.

In case you don’t know what knee scooter look like is, knee scooter is a medical device that has 3-4 wheels, a knee pad, and steering column. You can use this device to move your body with the help with your knee and the upper part of your body.

Using knee scooter is just like crutches but in the more convenient way and greatly reduces the risk of re-injury. It is more stable and better in distribute weight. It is safer with parking hand-brake, which make knee scooter cannot move.

So, discuss 4 questions you need to ask the doctor for their permission of using knee scooter.

Is it appropriate for me?

Depend on your injury position, you should discuss with your doctor that if it is appropriate if using a knee scooter. Most of the cases that your injuries below your knee, the answer is yes. However, many of it, the doctor refuses. The reason may vary due to your conditions or your ages or it is quite early in your healing period. That means you have to take rest fully in a couple weeks before using a knee scooter walker. Don’t worry, it should be fast.

What knee scooter walker appropriate for me?

There are certain types of knee scooters for different purposes of using. In some case, the doctor wants to keep your leg or foot in a certain angle. As such, you need to discuss with him how you can do that with a knee scooter and what kind of knee scooter walkers are appropriate for your situation. He can instruct you more details how to adjust the knee pad, your posture when walking, or the tire types. These are really helpful and necessary for your healing process.

Which Brand or Model of Knee Scooter Walker Would They Recommend?

You don’t have to take permission of doctor to have the right branch for your knee scooter. However, you can listen to his recommendation by his own experience or previous patients. Besides, it is good to take a deal if they know some patient is just getting better and don’t knee their brand new knee scooters. It should be a good deal for you.

Where Should I Get One?

Most of the people love purchasing online, but many of them love to go shopping in a local store to get in touch it by making a purchase. You can also ask your doctor for help due to his relationship with retailers or even he can possess a premium account for saving money. That should be good for you.

You have it all, the quizzes for an appropriate knee scooter. Try to get one that best fit for you.

If you are interesting a knee scooter, Walker, right now, you may want to visit our brief reviews the most popular knee scooters on the market. You may find the right one for you.

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