KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Reviews

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Reviews

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If you are looking for the best safe and trust knee scooter walker on this market, you have come in the right place. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter is the most trust with a safe real disc locking brake system with dual handbrake. Additional, this knee scooter walker is strengthened with double bar design, make it more sturdy and efficient in both indoor and outdoor activities. The other features is included: The non-rubber 7.5 inches wheels with shock-absorbing windows, compatible with both left and right legs, 3.5 inches thick knee pad and rubber hand grips, Quick folding mechanism for easy transport and storage, Fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform, Offers a robust 300 lb weight capacity, Recommended for individuals with heights 5′ – 6’6. Price ranges around $160.

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The Kneerover steerable knee scooter is the latest knee scooter from KneeRover Branch. This scooter is the best alternative to crutches for foot injury of patients who love a safe and trust knee scooter. With 7.5 inches non-rubber wheels, this knee scooter helps you to travel to any place you want with excellent stability and control when maneuvering both indoor and outdoor activities.

Moreover, this knee scooter has been improved with several greatest features from KneeRover such as Rear Disc Brakes for Smoother, more Consistent Braking, which is rarely applied to other knee scooter walker; double bar design, foldable steering column to save space for packing whenever you need to carry it along with your trips; Folding mechanism collapses use a thumb release lever for an easy setup; a comfortable 3.5″ thick contoured knee platform that is left or right leg compatible, which make your drive is always exciting and comfortable; a free detachable basket for your belongings, convenient for all kind of activities.

Why people love the Kneerover steerable knee scooter?

The Kneerover steerable knee scooter targets injury patients who want to get a steerable alternative to crutches for them to participating both indoor and outdoor activities while waiting for recovering from the foot injury. Because it make the patient more stimulated to keep up with daily life, and that make their injury cure faster.

#1. It is easy to set up. You can assemble it under 15 minutes with an easy tool-free assembly. There is no need to install Kneerover steerable knee scooter because it is too easy.

#2. This Scooter design is for both indoor and outdoor usage in all even surface thanks to 7.5 inches non-rubber wheels. And it functions best at your home or in your office.

#3. It applies the thumb clever folding mechanism with adjustable column bar and knee platform makes it easy to adjust to deliver the most comfortable experience for the users.

#4. It has a comfortable 3.5″ thick contoured knee platform that is left or right leg compatible for the great experience of the comfortable journey.

#5. The detachable basket is very useful for carrying your belongings. It fit best for your phone, laptop or small backpack. It is really convenient to use.

#6. It price is reasonable, especially with a free detachable Basket.

The Kneerover steerable knee scooter price is affordable with all the unique features and comfortable experience for users, so you never feel disappointed with this product.

Features of the Kneerover steerable knee scooter.

Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Free tool Assembly


Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Adjustable Knee Platform and Steering Column

Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Real Disc Brake ensure safe and full control


Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Safe and trusted for outdoor activities


Kneerover steerable knee scooter

7.5 Inches non-rubber making wheels and dual bar design.


Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Comfortable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

KneeRover has put useful functions of comfortable and useful knee scooter on this model such as strengthened double bar design, thumb clever foldable mechanism, adjustable knee platform and column bar. These features are the greatest features you can see from a wide range of Knee scooter walker models over years.

Besides, the Knee scooter with baskets have updated with newest features to make the machine more durable, efficient in maneuvering, they are

#1. 7.5 inches non-rubber wheels specializes for both indoor and outdoor usage, help you travel freely to any place you want excellent stability and control when maneuvering.

#2. Adjustable locking handbrakes: single handbrake help ensures the safety of patient movement.

#3. Big knee pad: help you feel comfortable in any position while using it with different positions or resting.

#4. Lightweight to carry and Big weight capacity; with 22 lbs, this knee scooter walker can handle up to 300 lbs, make it more sturdy with adult users.

#5. The detachable basket is always useful for carrying your belongings

Pros and Cons of Kneerover steerable knee scooter

Many claimed this Kneerover steerable knee scooter is the greatest Knee scooter walker from KneeRover because the machine gives a lot of pros points.

  • Great performance both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Best alternative to crutches after surgery for patients with injury foot or ankle to remain active while recovering.
  • Durable and sturdy with high weight capacity (300lbs).
  • Great adoption for different height and positions
  • Comfortable knee pad: wide, thick, and channel design for different positions.
  • The only downside is that the Turning radius quite wide and the design for rolling slowly for safe.

If you want to participate in outdoor activities but in the wide range of terrain, especially in uneven surfaces, you can check the All terrain knee walker scooter heavy duty from KneeRover; , Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Scooter Walker. This model is recommended for all even surface area.


Kneerover steerable knee scooter is the latest Knee Scooter Walker from KneeRover that is designated for the most trust and safe maneuverability for all even surface usage. With a lot of new improvements and affordable price with a free detachable basket, it is highly recommended for the patient who wants trust, safe and comfortable journeys while recovering as one of the best choices for 2017 Knee scooter walker.

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