An Introduction to HCPCS Codes of Knee Scooter Walker

An Introduction to HCPCS Codes of Knee Scooter Walker

You are trying to make a purchase in a new knee scooters or walkers. Hold on for seconds. You can have it fully or partially free by an insurance policy. The only thing you need to know is about the HCPCS Codes For Knee Walker Scooter before applying for reimbursement. It is good if you’ve already known it, but if not, then this post will benefit you.

As the most important part when you checking an item by reviewing in features, pros and cons or price, and warranty. The HCPCS code is usually known as “hic pics”, is required for insurance coverage. It depends on your insurance, but to confirm it, you need to know the HCPCS code.

Introduction to hcpcs codes of knee scooter walker

What is HCPCS code?

This term is short for Health Common Procedure Coding System and uses as a code of very common medical procedure, instrument, drug, … used in the United States. It is created by the American Medical Association’s Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) handbook; use in every common medical procedure, instrument, drug, etc. in the United States. Most of the insurance companies will not pay for any medical device if it has no HCPCS codes. This code is very important, so if you want your insurance company to pay it for you, you should know the correct number.

The good thing is HCPCS codes is a generic code, covering all branches of knee scooter/walkers for sales in the United States. Beside some exception, the HCPCS code of knee scooters, walkers is likely the same and it will be E0118. This is also for crutches alternatives with or without wheels.

However, as mentioned above, the paying for your medical devices is primarily based on the policy of the insurance you have. So the next step that you have to check carefully the fine terms and contact to your insurance company to make sure is it cover in your insurance or not, fully or partially.

Be prepared for the insurance respond, the company will ask you about the medical procedure which precipitated the need for the walker/scooter. Then they will check their code for the surgical procedure or other events; in order to make sure the use of knee scooter/walker is an acceptable standard for your medical aid during your healing period.

Something more about policy

Some companies cover almost everything and others are quite restrictive. Depend on their conditions, you may need to provide the CPT code, and you can get it from Doctor or hospital during billing.

In addition, you also need the letter of Medical Necessity for your medical supply company. You need to get the sign of your doctor for their professional opinion for your need in using knee scooter/walker during your recovery. The insurance company will treat as a proof to your insurance company; in order to get them pay for your knee scooter.

For rentals

You have to get an itemized invoice from the rental agency. Then including the right HCPCS code to get reimbursed by your insurance company.

It is not convenient when thinking about paperwork; while recovering from a leg or foot injury. But we live in a world that you need to do everything to prove your conditions.  If not, the insurer might find reasons deny your claim and that is no fun.


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