How to get in shape after a knee surgery

How to get in shape after a knee surgery


Knee surgery is not something that you want to. But somehow it happens to you. After that, it should be a long resting period; and I sure that if you want to get in shape, it should be harder than normal. However, many studies have shown that if you follow strictly some tips, maybe you can get in shape like the old time but do not hurt your knee so bad. And that makes you no worry about another knee surgery again.

According to many reports, there is over 4 million knee surgery in American annually. And it does not count on the ligament replacements and scoping procedures. You can see that there is a lot of money spending on knee accident, and most people who are in that risking area like old people can stay away from it by doing less intensive exercises or sports.

A number of researchers in Norway shows that if you follow some simple exercise then you never go under the scalpel again. In their studies, they investigated in a group of more than 140 people who have undergone arthroscopic surgery in the past.

The period of these studies are normally 2 years, and they tried different physical therapy to make sure which one is a great help to the patients. In fact, many surgeons use this treatment as an alternative to surgery as well. Because they do not want to put the patient into unnecessary surgery. This approach is stated that not working to all case but always the first option to everyone. And even if you have a surgery before, this is also the best way to make you in shape again.

There are 3 main exercises:



Most favorable exercise is jogging. But in this case of surgery, especially with your knee. This exercise should be the most dangerous one. You can see that when you are running, the most part take all your weight is your ankles and knee. In the normal state, it is the best natural way to train yourself. However, after surgery, knees become vulnerable. Running become the very dangerous way to get yours to another knee surgery.

But there are solutions for this issue, the answer should be easy as you can change your way to exercise. Cycling is the most recommended alternative for running. It is best for your knee by low impact to it, and also efficient to train yourself. You can sweat as much as often and also control the tension of your exercise. The only thing change is you should travel a long distance to achieve it so far.

If you think that walking is ok with you, it should not be right. The impact of walking is as strong as running, especially in a long distance. If you love walking so much, then you should try a short distance and prolong it until reaching your limit. Using comfortable shoes and carefully stretch out before doing it.

Quad Drills


This exercise is good for indoor self-training. As the beginner, you can sit on your side bed, stretching your knee, then push it back onto the bed. To increase the level, you can raise your heel while pushing down you on your knee; hold it for 5 seconds and try to repeat it 20 times at once.

Doing this stretch daily will help to strengthen the entire muscle group and make tissues recover faster. This exercise makes your knee find more flexibility and this is good for yourself.

Getting Up

If you finish above two exercise smoothly and then you may need a final state in your “knee recover competition”. Now, you should try “sit to stand” exercise to further training. First, sit on the chair or bed and lie your knee with your hips; then put a small ball between your knees, do put your full strength on it, just enough to hold it. After that, try to stand up in clean motion and by keeping balance your good and bad knees. Try this for two sets of 10.

Do this exercise make you more easy to adapt to the motion to get in and out of a chair. This also decreases the tension while standing and make sure your knees incur less wear and tear.

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